’90s Internet Simulator Hypnospace Outlaw Coming To Nintendo Switch

Hypnospace Outlaw Logo

No More Robots and Tendershoot have confirmed that Hypnospace Outlaw will release on Nintendo Switch next week.

Set in an alternate-history 1999, you play as a Hypnospace Enforcer in this ’90s internet simulator. Tasked with scouring the Hypnospace, you must check out weird and wonderful websites, keep an eye on your work email and download apps that may or may not turn out to be useful.

You will need to watch out for copyright infringement, internet bullying and more, with reports and rewards from the Hypnospace Patrol Department coming direct to your inbox.

When you have spare time, you can customise your HypnOS desktop with downloads, wallpapers, screen savers and helper bots.

The game comes to the porable home console with an update that adds more than 75 brand new pages to explore, new custom HypnOS cursor themes, new HypnOS apps and games to play and over two hours of additional original music.

Hypnospace Outlaw will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 27th August 2020.

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