85% of UK audience will see Nintendo 3DS ‘Believe Your Eyes’ campaign before launch

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Nintendo is aiming to have brought the Nintendo 3DS to the attention of 85% of the United Kingdom by the time the handheld system launches on March 25th, with each consumer seeing the TV advertisements at least three times.

The company are also hoping that half a million consumers will have had an opportunity to have tried the system themselves.

“The campaign is a celebration of the 3D experience. There are two key elements: experiential and advertising. What will be a departure for us is how we fuse them together, in a way we haven’t done before,” Dawn Paine, UK Marketing Director, explained to MCV.

She continued, “In the campaign we will be showing consumers, real people, getting their first hands-on with 3DS at one of the events. And that in turn drives the people who see the ads to the sampling push. It’s a virtuous circle.

“It’s very fresh and different –and very, Nintendo, because its all about genuine reactions, there is nothing fake or over-stated, it’s all real.”

I actually caught the advertisement myself ourselves on prime time television over the weekend, and what is particularly interesting is that Nintendo aren’t demonstrating any 3D content, let alone gameplay, concentrating on the use of consumer reaction to tempt further interest into the on-going Nintendo 3DS UK tour.

“There’s always a question about how you execute a 3D product in 2D. That’s where the consumer reactions come into play. It’s not about the intricacies of the technology. The fact you can’t see it on screen will tease and push people to trying it for themselves.”

You can catch the first TV advertisement for the handheld system below:

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