80,000 Wii U consoles sold in North America last month


Sales of the Wii U across North America continue to uninspire, as Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter shares that only 80,000 units were sold throughout February.

Whilst only an estimate until the NPD Group release official figures, such a low prediction won’t be far off the disappointing situation that Nintendo’s console finds itself in across the globe.

“The Wii sold nearly double our estimate as the Wii U vastly underperformed our expectations, likely due to a relatively thin release slate and an unusual number of returns,” Pachter commented within a research note to investors.

“It is difficult to envision a turnaround in Wii U hardware sales without a price cut or until more compelling software becomes available, but we think that weekly sales of 20,000 units is likely.

“We think that the long-term appeal of the console will be severely limited by the perception that the next consoles from Microsoft and Sony will be much more powerful with greater online integration and multimedia functionality.”

[Thanks CNET]

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