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The sun has gone, a worrying event that has seen people pray to the moon to bring the burning sphere back.

6180 the moon enchants in telling that tale, delivering a peerless experience to the Nintendo eShop whose keen sense of adventure takes comfort in exploring the Wii U GamePad’s potential.

It isn’t much to look at in screenshots, admittedly. The mystery that surrounds space’s endless expanse only managing to inspire a black-and-white aesthetic, minimalistic in approach but, once everything is in motion, helps to retain simplicity in understanding the perils before you.


Turtle Cream’s platformer is distinctive, a test in coordination more than anything else. The moon, a small unassuming sphere, is placed under the player’s direct control and must be carefully guided through increasingly complex levels.

That starts simple, the moon gleefully leaping through space as you land it on platforms for a temporary breather. Pointed spikes soon increase the necessity for precision, as your repeated jumps carry you toward the circular market that designates the level’s conclusion.

Your journey takes you to Earth, Venus and beyond, which each present their own gameplay twist. Whether that be blocks that disappear as soon as you bounce on them, platforms that come in-and-out of existence, or drops of sunlight that let you momentarily stop your trajectory in mid-air, these make sure that you are continually wracking your brain to spot the safest route.


What makes that trickier than it sounds, is that when you recklessly leap outside the boundaries of the TV screen you will temporarily reemerge on the Wii U GamePad. Then, as you begin to fall, you will descend back toward where you started on the TV. With hazards on both screens, it will quickly put your awareness and reaction speed to the test. It’s seemingly such simple implementation but goes beyond the efforts that most have undertaken in realising their games on Wii U.

If there’s any disappointment to be found in 6180 the moon, it’s in the fact that the experience is so short lived. It comes at a suitable price, but you’re left wanting more rather than feeling as if you’ve had your fill. That’s always a good thing with games, but I hope that Turtle Cream will be encouraged by the critical and commercial response to return to the concept with a successive release.

To be remembered as one of the many Nintendo eShop greats, 6180 the moon astounds in minimalistic beauty but is regrettably let down by its brevity.

Version Tested: Wii U
Review copy provided by Turtle Cream

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