505 Games Shift Toward Cultivating Their Own Brands


505 Games turns 10 years old this month, with the publisher signalling their intent to shift toward curating their own IP moving forward.

Responsible for keeping us busy in recent years with titles such as Funky Barn, Zumba Fitness: World Party and Sniper Elite V2, now comes a time in which the company wants to develop their own brands.

“A lot of our past success has come from other people’s games, and whilst we’re happy to still have this play a part in our future, it’s critical that we develop our own brands,” 505 Games president Ian Howe shared with MCV.

“We’ve been working hard on unannounced IPs that will launch in the next couple of years. We encourage everyone at 505 to think about the types of games they want to make. If we think the idea is strong enough, then we’ll make it. In that respect we’re taking an approach closer to that of a developer than a publisher.”

Howe closed, “We have an exciting new wholly-owned IP to unveil in the next couple of weeks.”

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