3D Streets of Rage 2 rated by Australian Classification Board


SEGA’s 3D Classics range returned for a second burst to start the year, which we have steadily seen arrive on the Nintendo eShop over the past few weeks.

While we know that 3D After Burner II, 3D Fantasy Zone, 3D OutRun, 3D Fantasy Zone II and 3D Thunder Blade will expand the selection available, it would appear that the Australian Classification Board (ACB) have ruined a surprise addition.

Not even announced for a Japan release yet, the ACB have today published their rating for 3D Streets of Rage 2. The request was filed by SEGA Europe, with Japanese developer M2 once again fronting crafting the reworked 3D Classic.

We can presume that it will arrive in the coming months, after SEGA clear their already promised slate of games. We’ll keep you updated, in any case!

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