30-In-1 Game Collection: Volume 1 Hits Nintendo Switch This Week

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Teyon has announced that 30-in-1 Game Collection: Volume 1 will release on Nintendo Switch this week, which promises to test your reflexes, memory, and wits.

Whether you are defending your village against Vikings, overcoming obstacles to climb to the top of the tower, playing a round of hockey, switching colours to pass safely through gates, or returning to classics such as snake, memory, or the cup game, there’s something for everyone.

These pick-up-and-play games can be played solo, and more than half will let up to four players compete for the highest scores.

30-in-1 Game Collection: Volume 1 will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in Europe on March 8th, priced at £13.49 (€14.99).

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