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EnjoyUp Games’ steady support in providing content for Nintendo’s digital avenues is well valued, yet 3, 2, 1… Words Up! disappointingly fails to surmount as resulting in their best effort.

Most will be perhaps familiar with its chosen formula. Within Classic mode, the player is posed with a selection of scrambled letters, from which they must formulate a multitude of hidden, predetermined words.

These range from between four to seven letters, which under a two-minute time limit this proves mentally taxing, and those that relish such challenge will find much to enjoy here.

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Aiming to expand upon your experience, 3, 2, 1… Words Up! serves up a second game mode, Blitz. A more welcome challenge is provided here, with an elongated time limit during which the letters at your disposal, as well as the words, alter completely after periodic intervals.

It’ll most likely prove to be where you spend the majority of your time, and deservedly so for its addictive nature.

Beyond this, much of the game’s longevity comes through aiming to surpass your previous high score, with leaderboards aiding you in objectively doing so.

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Production values are lamentable, even for a Nintendo DSiWare title, with the player always playing against the same artistic backdrop. After any significant period of time, you’ll be tired of seeing the same well centred within a courtyard.

Ideal for quick burst play but nothing beyond this, only those that enjoy testing their brainpower will find enough value in 3, 2, 1… Words Up!.

Version Tested: Nintendo DS

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