2D Dark Souls-Like Salt And Sanctuary Washes Ashore On Nintendo Switch Next Week

Salt And Sanctuary Review Header

Ska Studios has announced that Salt and Sanctuary will release on Nintendo Switch next week, their brutal hand-drawn 2D Dark Souls-like platform game.

Having called upon BlitWorks to assist with the port, the game opens with the player’s ship sailing across a stormy sea to escort a princess in the hope of striking a truce between rival kingdoms.

But, when a sinister abomination wrecks your ship to soon see you wash ashore on a treacherous island, you must struggle for survival against the undead that roams on it.

Whether braving this challenge alone or teaming up with a friend in local co-op, your customisable hero, known as the Saltborn, must persevere to discover the truth behind this cursed land.

You will come to rely on hidden platforming abilities such as air-dashing and wall-jumping, while different character builds can see you become a whip-wielding, crossbow-brandishing bandit or a sorcerer wreathed in fire and sky magic – a massive skill tree lending you freedom to determine how your character will grow.

“The two of us wanted to create a Souls-like game that we wanted to play, and finding that so many others who wanted it too warmed our dark little hearts,” explain Ska Studios co-creators Michelle and James Silva.

“Bringing Salt and Sanctuary to the Nintendo Switch means more people who like dismal, satisfying games can play our very dismal, satisfying game.”

Salt and Sanctuary will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on August 2nd, priced at $17.99. Salt and Sanctuary: Drowned Tome Edition will also release at retailers this holiday.

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