2D Action RPG Niffelheim Out On Nintendo Switch This Month

Niffleheim Logo

Ellada Games has announced that their 2D side-scrolling action-survival RPG Niffelheim will release on Nintendo Switch this month.

Set in a Norse-themed world, you play as a Viking warrior who has fallen in battle. Rather than finding well-deserved glory in Asgard, his soul is imprisoned in the harsh and unforgiving realm of Niffelheim.

To survive his hostile surroundings, you must ransack neighboring lands, explore the harrowing dungeons of the underworld, and stay alive long enough to reach Valhalla.

The Nintendo Switch port has received new content and creatures – such as new bosses and special magic items – compared with the original PC release, as well as balance updates and a repair mechanic.

“With the upcoming launch of Niffelheim on consoles, we are thrilled to invite would-be warriors to join the quest to enter Valhalla,” explains Ellada Games co-founder Andrey Arutyunyan.

“Niffelheim will bring a whole new survival-adventure experience to consoles, one featuring elements that fans of survival, crafting, adventure, and action genres can find something to enjoy!”

Niffelheim will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on September 20th.

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