1TB SanDisk microSD Card Revealed For Nintendo Switch

1TB SanDisk microSD Card Photo

Western Digital has released a 1TB SanDisk microSD card for Nintendo Switch, expanding the company’s Nintendo-licensed portfolio with its highest capacity card yet for the portable home console.

Their “supersized offering” will grant you even more space to take your favourite games on the go, and, released to coincide with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, it bears the Hylian Crest.

The 1TB microSD card is priced at $129.99 and has been tested and approved for use with all Nintendo Switch systems, and there is also a new smaller capacity Yoshi-inspired 64GB SanDisk microSD card priced at $15.99.

“As a beloved franchise for over 30 years, The Legend of Zelda series continues to capture the hearts and minds of players across the globe,” enthuses Western Digital vice president of global strategic partnerships, Susan Park.

“We’re excited to bring this latest card to the fan community and, through our strong partnership with Nintendo, we are proud to continue offering products that help gamers get the most out of their Nintendo Switch experience.”

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