11-year old uses Nintendo DS to save Mum’s life

nintendo dsi 3

Jake Goode, an 11-year-old boy from Guisborough, saved his mother from a house fire last December by using his Nintendo DS as a light source to guide both of them to safety.

Jake, who is now aged 12, was awarded a commendation certificate from the Chief Fire Officer of Cleveland Fire Brigade for which he was nominated by Coulby Newham Fire Station. His parents Mick and Louise Worsey commented “We are proud. He is our hero.”

Chief Fire Officer Ian Hayton added “Jake’s quick thinking to use his Nintendo DS as a light source to help guide himself and his Mum out of the house probably saved their lives.”

It’s perhaps the most courageous use of a Nintendo DS handheld, does anyone else have any miracle stories?

[Thanks, BBC]

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