11-year old escapes stress of bullying by playing Wii

Caine Smith The Bully Project Photo

In demonstrating the games industry as a force for good, this short video, which was shared earlier in the year by The Bully Project, sees 11-year old Caine Smith turn to his Wii for escapism from the troubles he encounters at school on a daily basis.

“Gaming actually really helps me a lot to calm down, and get out of the troubling parts of my life. And to clear my mind of things that happened,” Caine explains. “It’s like going to a different universe.”

The Bully Project is a social action campaign across North America that seeks to change the culture of bullying into that of empathy and action, looking to create safe schools and communities for children to grow and develop within. Which is a worthy cause all around.

[Thanks GoNintendo]
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