100-year old uses Nintendo DS to keep brain “as active as possible”

Kit Connel Nintendo DS

100-year old Kathleen “Kit” Connell has recently made headlines for revealing that she uses her Nintendo DS daily to keep her brain “as active as possible”, describing the handheld as “absolutely super”.

The grandmother, who still lives independently, enjoys the handheld’s hugely successful Brain Age and boasts a brain age of 64.

“I am Kit Connell, I am just 100 years old and I don’t feel a day over 80”, she begins. “I keep very good health, I try to keep my brain active by playing my Nintendo. My daughter managed to get me one on the Internet and this is what I’m using now. It’s great, it’s absolutely super”.

Connell continues, “I don’t know what I’d do without it. In the evenings I always play on my Nintendo, it always depends on what I do.”

“I would suggest that if children had this at school, instead of playing games, to do their maths and their spelling it’d be wonderful”, Connell recommended. “It’s been a great help to me, and I can’t speak highly enough of this Nintendo. It’s helped to keep my brain as active as possible at my old age”.

You can view the full interview with Kit below:

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