10 Second Ninja X “Coming Soon” To Nintendo Switch

10 Second Ninja X Image

Thalamus Digital Publishing and Four Circle Interactive have announced that 10 Second Ninja X is “coming soon” to Nintendo Switch.

After the nefarious Captain Greatbeard kidnaps you and traps your friends inside his army of robots, you must destroy every robot in each level within 10 seconds or less.

The “blisteringly fast hardcore action platformer” will challenge your skills, reflexes and patience in equal measure, with 100 levels spread across 11 game worlds and 11 marathon modes.

There will also be player ghosts and unlockable ghost hints for the game’s trickier levels, online leaderboards, hidden minigames and eight different character costumes to unlock.

“The goal with 10 Second Ninja was to make something polished and satisfying from the instant you picked up the gamepad,” explains Four Circle Interactive director Dan Pearce.

“While the game is challenging, what’s more important is that it’s super easy to learn and not just about quick reflexes. It feels so right for a console like the Nintendo Switch, where picking up a game for a few minutes (or seconds) is such a core part of the system’s appeal.”

Thalamus Digital Publishing founder and CEO Andy Roberts adds: “We were huge fans of the original 10 Second Ninja when it first appeared in 2014.

“The game’s bite-sized levels are perfect for gaming on the go, so when we began looking at titles for the Nintendo Switch, 10 Second Ninja X seemed like a natural fit.”

10 Second Ninja X will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2020.

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