Episode Shadow DLC Leaked For Sonic Forces

SEGA has plans to support Sonic Forces with downloadable content, news that has emerged after Episode Shadow has leaked online. This will, at least initially, be made available with a Sonic Forces Dig...


Mario & Sonic At The London 2012 Olympic Games

Get set for the magic of the world's biggest sporting event as it comes home on Wii in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games!Featuring scores of Olympic events and some of gaming’s b...


Sonic Generations

It's two decades since Sonic first sped onto your screen, and in honour of the world's favourite hedgehog, the best of past and present have been combined in a 3D sprint down memory lane, in Sonic...


Aliens Infestation

In the cold of deep space, where no one can hear you scream, distress signals have been picked up coming from the starship Sulaco. As a crack Colonial Marine, it's your job to tool up and find out...


Captain America: Super Soldier

Captain America: Super Soldier is a third-person action adventure game which combines dynamic acrobatic platforming with a fast and fluid melee combat system. Written by renowned Marvel comic writ...


Conduit 2

In a world at war, where an alien invasion threatens civilisation as we know it, there is only one hope: You. Conduit 2 for Wii follows on from the hit original by throwing you into a science fict...


Super Monkey Ball 3D

Go bananas for Super Monkey Ball 3D! Super Monkey Ball as you’ve never experienced before. Join AiAi and friends as you tilt and roll your way into the world of 3D on Nintendo 3DS!Lose yoursel...


Puyo Puyo Tetris Update Version 1.1.0 Imposes Stricter Penalties On Rage-Quitters

SEGA has released a minor software update for Puyo Puyo Tetris, that sees the frantic puzzle mash-up now sat on Version 1.1.0. This has arrived later than the publisher had planned, and introduces bal...


Steins;Gate Elite Listed For Nintendo Switch

SEGA has revealed that Steins; Gate Elite will see release on Nintendo Switch, the time travel science-fiction interactive visual novel being listed on their exhibitor website for Tokyo Games Show 201...

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