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Nintendo eShop Update: 27th July 2017 (North America)

This week’s Nintendo eShop releases for North America are in, delivering new content across Nintendo Switch, Wii U, New Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS. That welcomes multiple big hitters, with Namco Mu...


Implosion Review

Implosion is a sci fi hack ‘n’ slash title from mobile developer Rayark. Originally released on iOS and Android, it slices its way onto the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch, but does its...

7 Good


20 years after the fall of Earth, the remaining survivors of the human race once again face the threat of extinction from an unknown life form known as XADA.The humans developed a countermeasu...


Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition Update Version 1.0.6 Introduces 1080p Support

Microsoft has released software update version 1.0.6 for Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition, that introduces 1080p support for the popular creative sandbox builder when placed in the Nintendo Switch D...


Resident Evil Revelations

Resident Evil Revelations brings a straight shot of spine-chilling terror to Wii U, one that fans of the iconic survival horror series won’t want to miss! With HD visuals, new enemies, and exclusi...


Pokédex 3D Pro

Become the ultimate Pokémon Trainer! Get clued up on all things Pokémon with the new Pokédex 3D Pro for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL. It’s the perfect accompaniment for owners of Pokémon Black...


Affordable Space Adventures

Get ready to boldly go (on a budget) as you blast off in Affordable Space Adventures for Wii U! Unfortunately, it’s a short-lived dream when, after renting a Small Craft™ edition spaceship on the ...


Sonic Mania Special Stages Revealed At San Diego Comic-Con

SEGA has revealed that Special Stages will appear in Sonic Mania, an announcement that was made at their Sonic Mania: Behind The Scenes panel at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend. That saw head of ...


Bulb Boy Review

Harrowing. If there was one word that I would use to describe Bulb Boy, that would probably be it. This nightmare-inducing horror puzzle-adventure stands out on Nintendo Switch, and not only for the o...

9 Amazing
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