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Nintendo Network will undergo extensive maintenance this weekend, affecting multiple services and games across all of the company’s platforms. Kicking off today, you may encounter issues when playing Mario Kart 8 online, when using Miiverse, managing your team in Nintendo Pocket Football Club, or accessing the Nintendo eShop. The complete rundown for you to keep […]


Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue will release across Europe in early November, Bandai Namco Games have confirmed. The Nintendo platform exclusive will continue the computer-animated sequel’s storyline, letting players join the Piston Peak Air Attack team that will task them with fighting fires and rescuing anyone in need. You can fly as nine playable characters, […]


With the social experiment having conquered Pokémon Black 2, Twitch Plays Pokémon have now turned their attention to Pokémon X. That has been made possible by a modded 3DS with an input and capture kit, with the stream having begun 16 hours ago at the time of writing. After completion, the experiment will revert to […]


With the social experiment believed by many to be but a flash in the pan, Twitch Plays Pokémon participants defying such concern having now moved toward conquering their eighth game. Pokémon Black 2, with the Blaze Black 2 romhack and forced evolution code applied, is their latest challenge, with just shy of 1000 concurrent viewers […]

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