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Nintendo UK launch PopJam channel

Nintendo UK has announced that they have launched their own channel on PopJam, a social content app specifically designed for those under 13 years old. Owned by SuperAwesome, it aims to be a safe and ...


Pokémon Shuffle Mobile now available on iOS and Android

Having enjoyed success on Nintendo 3DS, The Pokémon Company International is now looking to strike a chord with Pokémon Shuffle Mobile. Now available on iOS and Android, the free-to-play puzzler sees ...


Skylanders Battlecast to take on Nintendo’s amiibo cards in 2016

Nintendo are to soon launch the first series in their Animal Crossing amiibo cards in the west, but Activision are also looking to turn their own toys-to-life success into card form with Skylanders Ba...


Free Pokémon Jukebox app now available on Android

The Pokémon Company International have launched Pokémon Jukebox, a free Android app that lets you listen to music from the Pokémon series. Fans can listen to three new Pokémon tracks each day at no ch...


Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag companion app raids iOS and Google Play

If you’re looking for an indispensable tool to aid your pirating ways, then Ubisoft’s companion app for Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag seemingly has you covered. Now available freely...


The Conduit HD announced for Android

A high-definition version of High Voltage Software’s The Conduit is currently in development for NVIDIA’s Tegra-powered Android devices. Previously a Wii exclusive, The Conduit HD sees imp...


Free Pokémon TV application for iOS and Android now available

Have you always wanted to watch Pokémon episodes on the go? Well, The Pokémon Company International now has you covered, having today launched a free ‘Pokémon TV’ application across iOS an...

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