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Fend For Yourself In The Flame In The Flood On Nintendo Switch Next Week

Curve Digital and The Molasses Flood have announced that The Flame In The Flood will see release on Nintendo Switch next week. The backwater adventure through a forgotten post-societal America is a bl...

Hydroventure: Spin Cycle

Take your Nintendo 3DS out for a spin with Hydroventure: Spin Cycle! Guide Eddy, the heroic Water Spirit, through 60 brain-twisting puzzles, using the motion controls of Nintendo 3DS to rotate t...


Solve Bob’s Recurring Dreams In Human: Fall Flat On Nintendo Switch

Curve Digital has announced that Human: Fall Flat will see release on Nintendo Switch, an open-ended physics-based puzzle game where you take control of a builder, Bob. That will challenge you to help...


Stay Afloat In The Flame In The Flood On Nintendo Switch

Curve Digital has announced that they plan to release The Flame in the Flood on Nintendo Switch, challenging players to survive as they journey by foot and raft down a procedurally-generated river. Th...


Reluctantly Save The World In A Knight’s Quest On Nintendo Switch

Curve Digital has announced that A Knight’s Quest will see release on Nintendo Switch, a third-person action adventure that stars Rusty – a reluctant hero who sets out to save the world af...


The Swapper

What if someone knew your mind better than you did? The Swapper is an award-winning, narrative driven puzzle game set in the furthest reaches of space. The Swapper takes place in an isolated and a...


Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut

In psychological survival adventure Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut, the masked protagonist must escape from a city ravaged by disease, by any means necessary. Starving and exhausted, he has beg...

Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones

In Stealth Inc 2, play the role of a clone and escape a sinister and high-tech testing facility. Stealth Inc 2 tests both your brain and your reflexes over 60 varied levels linked together in a spra...


Interview: RageSquid on butt-sliding through Action Henk’s toy-filled world

Running, jumping and butt-sliding amount to an addictive experience in RageSquid’s Action Henk, the Dutch developer placing players in the well-trodden shoes of washed out action hero Henk. It&#...

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