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Charles Martinet Helps Celebrate Super Mario Odyssey Launch At MCM London Comic Con

Nintendo UK has announced their plans for MCM London Comic Con, that will see Super Mario Odyssey and a special guest as the star attractions. Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario, will help celebrate...


Why Super Mario Odyssey Has No Lives System

Super Mario Odyssey has no lives system, which is a dramatic break from the norm seeing as it has long been a part of the moustachioed hero’s series. That was a necessary change thanks to the re...


World Exclusive Super Mario Odyssey EDGE Review Scores A Perfect 10

With two weeks to go until Super Mario Odyssey launches worldwide, EDGE has become the first publication to review the moustachioed hero’s globetrotting adventure. That sees the UK-based magazin...


“Jump Up, Super Star!” Comes Alive In Super Mario Odyssey Musical Video

With the Nintendo Switch exclusive fast approaching, Nintendo is ramping up their advertising for Super Mario Odyssey. Their latest trailer reimagines the globe-trotting adventure as a musical and see...


Custom Super Mario Odyssey Trailer Tours The United States As Launch Approaches

Players will soon have the chance to set out on a globe-trotting adventure in Super Mario Odyssey, and, leading up to launch, Nintendo of America will take a custom trailer on a cross-country tour acr...


Assist Mode Introduced In New Super Mario Odyssey Overview Trailer

Nintendo has released a new overview trailer for Super Mario Odyssey, revealing that the Nintendo Switch exclusive will have an Assist Mode. When activated, arrows will show the player where to go nex...


T. Rex Stomps Around The Cascade Kingdom In New Super Mario Odyssey Video

There are weeks to go until Super Mario Odyssey sends us on a globe-trotting adventure to chase down Bowser, and we now have the chance to see more of the Cascade Kingdom. Game Informer was given the ...


Nintendo Minute Explores The Seaside Kingdom In Super Mario Odyssey

This week’s Nintendo Minute episode sees Nintendo of America’s Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang explore Bubblaine in the Seaside Kingdom in Nintendo Switch exclusive, Super Mario Odyssey. The hol...


Rumour: Isle Delfino Spotted On Super Mario Odyssey World Map

Nintendo has started to advertise Super Mario Odyssey in Japan and, as you can see below, the billboards promote how their moustachioed hero will travel around the world in his next adventure. While r...

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