Rabbids 3D Review

With Nintendo’s iconic plumber surprisingly absent for the launch of the Nintendo 3DS, it falls to Ubisoft to offer early adopters of the latest handheld system a duo of platform titles to fill ...

7 Good

Asphalt 3D Review

You could perhaps be forgiven for having not really heard of the Asphalt series before, with much of its existence dominating iOS and Android devices. However, it has also spawned a number of critical...

7 Good

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 3D Review

Raising the topic of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory during a conversation with any group of seasoned gamers will undoubtedly result in an incredibly positive response. The third title ...

6 Fair

Nintendogs + Cats Review

It is a well-known fact that (Ninten)dogs are regarded as man’s best friends, and Nintendo has once again set about capitalising on such fact by marking the return of their popular pet-simulatio...

9 Amazing

Pilotwings Resort Review

Blue skies, beautiful sunshine and a colourful landscape. There’s plenty to enjoy across Wuhu Island, the setting previously used for Wii Sports Resort that now finds itself adapted as the local...

8 Great

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Shadow Wars Review

With a franchise steeped in offering fans an intense tactical experience, it is perhaps surprising that Ubisoft hasn’t steered the series into the realms of turn-based strategy before now. Havin...

9 Amazing

Face Raiders Review

Plying potential Nintendo 3DS consumers with the slogan “Endless Fun. Right out of the Box,” Nintendo has seen fit to include a variety of built-in features and applications with their lat...

8 Great

Pokémon Black And White Review

Fifteen years on from when the original games were first released in Japan, the global success of the Pokémon franchise is unquestionable. Enhanced by a long-running anime series, films, manga, and an...

9 Amazing

Kirby’s Epic Yarn Review

This past year has seen the continued revival of many of Nintendo’s most well-loved characters. Donkey Kong answered the call of the jungle beat, Samus Aran pursued a trail of conspiracy in Metr...

9 Amazing

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