Piczle Lines DX Review

The Nintendo Switch has quickly become home to many puzzle games, each looking to boggle the mind with their own twist on the genre. Whether that be outpacing your opponent’s efforts in Puyo Puy...

8 Great

forma.8 Review

When forma.8 is sent to explore a surreal alien planet the little exploration probe soon becomes alarmed when, after successfully punching through the atmosphere, its trajectory sees it slam into a to...

8 Great

Picross S Review

As I’ve gotten myself more acquainted with Nintendo’s hybrid console these past six plus months, I’ve truly come to appreciate the freedom it offers. Whether it’s playing my games on a big HD televisi...

7 Good

Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle And The Millionaires’ Conspiracy Review

The Professor Layton adventures for me have always been a delightful sidestep from the more traditional style of video games doing away with long combos, killstreaks or precision timing. Instead, it’s...

7 Good

INVERSUS Deluxe Review

What can I say? INVERSUS Deluxe is in every way shape and form a very basic game. Basic visuals, controls, and colours with a basic objective. After all, you control nothing more than a black or white...

9 Amazing

Robonauts Review

Robonauts is a topsy-turvy action platformer from Polish developer Qubic Games. You play as a small janitor robot who’s idle curiosity and unsatisfied sense of being lands itself into a whole wo...

6 Fair

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions Review

I have to confess, growing up I was never a big fan of RPG games, with the sole exception of Pokémon. But, everyone loved Pokémon. Other than that game it was just never a genre I could ever see mysel...

8 Great

36 Fragments Of Midnight Review

With 36 Fragments of Midnight, developer Petite Games has made, well… a petite game. After three failed runs and two that were successful, I had seen everything that this unremarkable platformer...

2 Awful

Sparkle 2 Review

Lining coloured objects together in video games just feels good. Whether it’s swapping gems in Bejewelled or nailing a huge chain in Puzzles and Dragons, watching the end result unfold onscreen is bot...

7 Good

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