Splatoon 2 Review

It’s splat or be splatted once again, as Splatoon 2 unleashes ink-based warfare on Nintendo Switch for the first time. After Splatoon taught us how important it was to stay fresh, this sequel ke...

9 Amazing

I And Me Review

Originally released on Steam last year, this little pick-up-and-play puzzle-platformer by indie developer Wish Fang curiously wanders its way on to the Nintendo Switch. With its reclined ambience and ...

6 Fair

Human Resource Machine Review

Starting its life as a PC and Wii U game, Human Resource Machine makes the jump to the Nintendo Switch, just as Tomorrow Corporation’s other games have, Little Inferno and World of Goo. Just like thei...

7 Good

De Mambo Review

From the makers of absolutely nothing comes this debut title from small British development team; The Dangerous Kitchen. This group of animation students have a shared obsession with Super Smash Bros....

6 Fair

Astro Duel Deluxe Review

Local multiplayer gaming is one of the biggest draws of the Nintendo Switch. Not just local multiplayer, but portable multiplayer of which you can share a single device pretty much anywhere you please...

7 Good

Little Inferno Review

Little Inferno comes from the crazy minds over at Tomorrow Corporation, previously of Human Resource Machine and more famously, World of Goo. Now five years old, is there enough here for previous owne...

7 Good

Ever Oasis Review

Ever Oasis welcomes you to the desert world of Vistrahda, a land that, long ago, was nothing more than desolate sand and harsh sun. Brave but gentle creatures known as Seedlings called it home, beings...

8 Great

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Review

The last half a decade has shown that Metroid-style platformers have increasingly proven to become more popular among developers, with games such as Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition and Ax...

9 Amazing

ARMS Review

After unleashing their creativity to produce Mario Kart, Pikmin and Splatoon, Nintendo has shown countless times that they would rather redefine genres than simply pander to what we have come to expec...

9 Amazing
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