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Nintendo Scores Another Patent Case Victory

Nintendo of America has once again won a legal battle, after a federal appeals court confirmed that a patent that had been asserted against Nintendo by RecogniCorp should never have been granted. That...

Did You Know Gaming? Explore Mario And Sonic’s Olympic Rivalry

Did You Know Gaming? has turned their attention to the rivalry between Mario and Sonic, which eventually led to the iconic characters competing in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. It was hoped...


Digital Foundry On How Metroid Prime Redefined The First-Person Action Genre

Metroid Prime is still revered as a breakaway success for Retro Studios, a landmark accomplishment in successfully transitioning the series into the 3D realm – similar to what Nintendo had achie...


Just Dance 2017 Song List Revealed

Ubisoft has revealed the complete song list for Just Dance 2017, the latest iteration in the best-selling dance franchise that has celebrated sales that have surpassed more than 60 million copies worl...


Activision CEO Bobby Kotick On How Wii Captivated The World

The Wii U may forever be remembered as Nintendo’s worst-selling console, but it will be hard to forget that, a generation before it, Wii had completely transformed the games industry. Activision...


Ex-SCEA President Jack Tretton Praises Nintendo On How Wii Took The World By Storm

Former Sony Computer Entertainment America president and CEO Jack Tretton has praised Nintendo for the major role that they played in rebuilding the games industry after it suffered the catastrophic N...


Jimmy Fallon Takes On Stan Wawrinka At Wii Sports

Wii Sports is remembered as a game that broke down barriers, and, thanks in large part to the Wii Remote’s simplicity, demonstrated that anyone could play. That is, until now. On The Tonight Sho...


Nintendo Minute Picks Top Three Best Zelda Games

Nintendo Minute’s Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang turn their attention to The Legend of Zelda series this week, which continues to celebrate 30 years since Link’s first adventure launched in Jap...


The Voice Warbles To Wii This Year

Bigben and Voxler have announced that they will release The Voice on Wii later this year. Developed under the official licence of the show and in collaboration with ITV, the game promises to help you ...

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