Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs set for European release this Friday

Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs, the third instalment within the series, is due to release across Europe this Friday for Nintendo DS. Within, players will once again take on the role of a Pokémon Range...


Gameboy voted No. 3 in TiME’s Top 100 Gadgets

TiME have listed their Top 100 Gadgets released since 1923 with users have voted the Gameboy as the third most influential, falling behind the Apple iPod and Amazon Kindle. More interestingly however,...


Nintendo: “There’s no way [Zelda] could beat Mario” in the NES days

During the latest Iwata Asks, which focusses on the birth of the NES and the Super Mario series, Hiroshi Imanishi, who previously held the role of Director and General Manager for Corporate Communicat...


Goldeneye 007 Intro Sequence

Whilst we can presume that Wii owners across North America are currently making their way through James Bond’s latest digital offering, those of you who aren’t lucky enough to be doing so ...


Goldeneye 007 ‘Behind the Music’ feature

Whilst today may have seen the launch of Wii exclusive Goldeneye 007 across North America, it also saw Activision release a further video documentary regarding the title. Entitled ‘Behind the Mu...


Capcom confirm Okamiden release dates

Okamiden, the anticipated sequel to 2006 cult classic Okami, has today been dated by Capcom for a March release within both Europe, Australia and North America. Set to release across North America on ...


Goldeneye 007: Review round-up

With the North American embargo lifting for Eurocom’s re-imagining of true N64 classic Goldeneye, we provide a run down of the scores as they come pouring in. Will Bond return to the Wii in styl...


Nintendo Download List: November 5th (Europe)

Nintendo of Europe have announced the last downloadable titles set to release across their WiiWare and DSiWare services, including reaction-based puzzle title ThruSpace: High Velocity 3D Puzzle for Wi...


WiiWare Demo Service returns to Europe

Nintendo of Europe have confirmed that they are to once again release demos of the latest WiiWare titles through the Wii Shop Channel, with the first four due to be available from Friday 5th November....

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