Author: Laura Varley

Laura is a freelance video game journalist that has an adoration for all things geeky. Her first Nintendo console was the grey Gameboy brick, which has evolved over the years into a 3DS XL. When she’s not at a desk writing, Laura is busy catching Pokemon and trying to keep the residents of her Animal Crossing town happy.

Why Are So Many Gamers Pre-Ordering Nintendo Switch?

Okay, so this may seem like quite an odd question for us to ask, but considering the negative press Nintendo Switch has received since its announcement, it’s a relevant one. The current lack of launch...


5 Reasons Why We’re Excited For Nintendo Switch

Since its reveal, Nintendo Switch has received a mixed reaction from gamers all over the world. Despite its possible flaws, we believe Switch is still something to get pretty excited about, as it offe...

Nintendo Christmas Gift Guide: The Best Merch To Buy Your Favourite Gamer

Christmas is round the corner and since the launch of the Nintendo Switch is a few months away yet, you’re going to need a few last-minute gift ideas for that special Nintendo gamer in your life. Well...


Why Animal Crossing’s Unbeatable Charm Keeps Me Coming Back

The first time I had the concept of the Animal Crossing games explained to me, I scoffed. How was that a game? There’s no end goal. No objectives. No story. It’s just you, a human, living in a town fu...


Five Things We Want From Nintendo Switch

We’ve already covered everything we know about the Nintendo Switch so far, but there’s still so much that remains a mystery. Unfortunately, many of our questions are unlikely to be answere...


Everything We Know About Nintendo Switch So Far

After months of waiting and what proved to be an accurate leak, Nintendo finally put us out of our misery last week and revealed the Nintendo Switch. While there’s a lot to be announced yet, we ...


Has PS4 Pro Paved The Way For Nintendo NX Success?

The long-awaited PlayStation 4 Neo (now PlayStation 4 Pro) has finally been revealed. It’s a supped-up version of the current console, boasting 4K gaming, a 1TB hard drive and improved performan...


The Power Of Pokémon GO – How It’s Changing Gamers’ Lives

When I was nine years old, I never thought that at the age of 25, I’d be walking around catching Pokémon in the real world. Over the past few weeks I’ve been getting out of the house at ev...


Why Nintendo Needs More Female Protagonists

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was met with a warm reception when it was announced at E3, but not every fan was happy with the choice of protagonist. For a while, rumours had been circulating...

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