Darren Kerwin

Darren is a 26-year old gamer from the United Kingdom, who has a strong interest in video games, writing, socialising and Parsnips. He runs a Metroid fan website called Shinesparkers, which he describes as being his main gaming obsession. He's also written and contributed to several websites and publications. You'll often find him on Twitter talking about random stuff - just smile, nod your head politely, then move on..


Animal Crossing: New Leaf has already caused a splash in Japan, and Nintendo will be surely be hoping to once again reel in a western audience to this social simulation extraordinaire of a franchise. As can be expected from that which came before it, you can buy, trade, chat, and help out your new anthropomorphic […]


When I was offered the opportunity to review this game, I was thrilled! I wanted to experience the Harvest Moon franchise for a long time and I heard that this particular game was originally received quite well. Now with its debut on the 3DS Virtual Console, I have the opportunity to check it out myself. […]


Nano Assault EX is a fast-paced action shooter for 3DS, based upon the original retail game with new modes and features. You control a small microscopic “Nanite” ship across various cell clusters within a virus, to fight off an overwhelming onslaught of infections. Your objective is to progress through each cell structure and eliminate the […]


Last year, here on Nintendo Insider, I gave my thoughts on the Nintendo 3DS and looked at what it had achieved in its first year. Now, two years since its original European release, I felt it would be interesting to take another look at the handheld and its achievements during its second year. After a […]


We are delighted to be interviewing a very special guest today on Nintendo Insider, Chris Torres, more famously known as the man behind the internet’s most famous cat, Nyan Cat! Nintendo Insider: First of all Chris, I’d like to welcome you to Nintendo Insider, it’s a pleasure to have you here! Why don’t you start […]

Why Miiverse appeals to gamers

Before purchasing my Wii U I was intrigued by Miiverse, which appeared to be Nintendo’s answer to social media for gamers. I questioned whether this concept could actually work in a world where we are inclined to turn to the internet for answers. An introduction At a glance, Miiverse can be best described as an […]


I wanted to express some of my thoughts on the latest Nintendo Direct presentation with Satoru Iwata, showcasing upcoming software and features for the Wii U. In the past, I have been guilty of having high hopes for these presentations, only to be left feeling disappointed when my expectations were not met. However within recent […]

Remembering Gamestation

Goodbye Remembering Gamestation Monday 26th March 2012 was the date that GAME group, the company that owns specialist games retailer Gamestation went into administration. Over 2000 jobs were lost across all companies within the GAME Group portfolio, a large majority of them from the Gamestation side of the business. In the weeks leading up to […]


It’s amazing to think that it has been a whole year since the Nintendo 3DS launched in Europe. March 25th 2011 was a date I had been counting down to ever since the system was given a release date. After owning the original Nintendo DS for several years, it was time for a change and […]

Concept: Animal Crossing 3DS

Animal Crossing is probably one of the most addictive series of games I have ever encountered. It’s something I like to wind down to after a session of intense gaming, and is a series that I have followed from the start. It’s a game that I can pick up and play as much or as […]

Concept: Metroid Wii U

It is inevitable that Nintendo will eventually add a new chapter in the Metroid series. For twenty five years, Metroid has been a core franchise for the company. Since Samus' great reveal as the female bounty hunter in the original Metroid on NES back in 1986, the series has offered constant innovation.

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