Author: Chris Smith

Cranky old gamer, who believes his best days are behind him. My favourite Nintendo systems are the SNES, GameCube and DS. My favourite Nintendo games are Super Mario World and Super Mario Galaxy.


What makes the GameCube so endearing?

If you look around Internet forums, Twitter or Facebook, you’ll see that there is still a lot of love for Nintendo’s purple box of joy (though mine was black). Yet these same Nintendo fans were not as...


Rhythm Thief And The Emperor’s Treasure Review

If you were to ask gamers what game truly defined the Nintendo DS for them, I would imagine a large number would answer with Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan. Back in 2005, I was having trouble trying to justify...

9 Amazing

Pullblox Review

Intelligent Systems have a great track record in creating engaging portable experiences, ranging from Advance Wars, Fire Emblem and WarioWare: Twisted! Their first game for the Nintendo 3DS is the per...

9 Amazing

Freakyforms: Your Creations, Alive! Review

Kids. Kids love to make stuff, be it potato prints, finger paintings, felt pictures or just a general mess. Kids also love to show off their creations with parents, sticking their early works of art u...

7 Good

Opinion: Nintendo 3DS’ Virtual Console is off to an interesting start

Chris Smith (@chrissmithster) considers the Virtual Console content currently being offered through the Nintendo 3DS’ eShop service. Hopefully you were able to read my article on Virtual Console...

Opinion: Is it game over for Virtual Console on Wii?

In his debut article for Nintendo Universe, Chris Smith (@chrissmithster) questions whether Nintendo have now turned their back on new Virtual Console releases for Wii. December 8th 2006 saw the launc...

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