Pokémon and Animal Crossing collide in limited edition ShirtPunch T-Shirt

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We can snuggle up in our Dream Suite to imagine Nintendo one day fusing the worlds of Pokémon and Animal Crossing. Though whilst we can await Pikachu and the Villager battling it out in Super Smash Bros, this latest ShirtPunch design provides a more serene realisation.

It’s the creation of Manchester-based artist and designer Lucy Blundell (aka Kinmoku), who shares her dream profession as being a successful comic artist. I wish I was that good at drawing… *sigh*

With the Villager clad in Ash’s signature Pokégear it sees the character accompanied by Charmander as K.K. Slider, Squirtle replacing Tortimer, and Pikachu in the shoes (paws?) of secretary Isabelle.

Those eager to purchase will have to be quick though, with the limited edition design only available for a further 11 hours. Head on over to ShirtPunch directly to snap up her Pokémon Crossing design!

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