Pokémon X and Y gains GameStop exclusive poster pre-order bonus

Whilst those within the UK can get their hands on a Poké Ball pre-order bonus for either Pokémon X or Y, fans elsewhere in the world have been wondering what they’ll be able to secure themselves.

According to NSider 2 forum user Destiny Hero, their local GameStop store in Massachusetts is handing out an excessively large poster for pre-ordering either Nintendo 3DS exclusive – with a Kalos region map on one side, and new legendaries Xerneas and Yveltal on the other.

Whilst there’s no official word on how widespread this pre-order bonus will be across North America, it’s certainly worth calling your local store to see whether it is available or not.

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  1. It’s here in WA state too (not DC). We get posters.

  2. Confirmed at the Southpark Mall out in Rock Island, Illinois. I pre-ordered on the…2nd, I believe, and I got one then.

  3. Posters are BS. I’d rather have the Poké Ball.

  4. ^^ times a thousand

  5. Man, why does the US never get cool bonuses, if we get one at all? >:P

  6. in Oklahoma, we don’t get a damn thing -_-


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