Precursor Games say Wii U is a “great system to work with”

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Still continuing their Kickstarter campaign to get their spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness funded, Precursor Games have shared further praise for Nintendo’s latest.

Shadow of the Eternals makes use of CryEngine 3, with the developer sharing that they have no concerns “about what the Wii U can handle.”

“CryEngine 3 fully supports Wii U and it’s been a great system to work with so far,” Precursor Games CEO Paul Caporicci explained to Nintendo Enthusiast.

“And in regards to Shadow of the Eternals, beautiful visuals are just one part of the experience. There are many different pieces that all come together for this experience and the Wii U handles that complete package very well.

“So, we’ve had no problems so far and we’re not at all concerned about what the Wii U can handle.”

They’re certainly more positive comments than what an EA employee recently spouted.

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